Chad, Adam and Ryan discuss the different ways that board games take complicated real-life situations and boil them down to the roll of a die or the flip of a card. How can board games capture the feeling of being the leader of a nation during a cold war, a starving farmer in 1600’s Europe, or a fire fighter saving a cat from a burning apartment building? Through abstraction, of course!

At the half way point we transition to Terraforming Mars, our feature game for this episode. Terraforming Mars is a fantastic engine building game centered around the theme of, you guessed it, making Mars hospitable to humans. We talk about all the little things that make this 2016 release a stand-out game in a galaxy full of cardboard and cards.

Finally Adam crashes a kid’s birthday to play some snake game, Ryan comes up with the party game hit of 2018, and Chad goes on a terrible rant about Spirit Island.

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