Adam, Ryan and Chad discuss the compulsion to collect collectible games. From competitive and co-operative card games to miniatures and everything inbetween, what makes this subset of the board game hobby so lucrative for publishers? Why do players enjoy going down the rabbit hole of scheduled releases and random booster packs? We’ll discuss all this and more!

After the half we talk about one of the newest entries into the collectible game sphere, DropMix. Harmonix’s latest money maker, DropMix is a game that uses cards, a custom peripheral, your phone or tablet, and music tracks to allow players to compete, work together, or just pretend they’re a DJ for a night. Find out what we thought of this head-bob-inducing game!

We finish off the show talking about some of our recent plays, including Adam’s 3-hour foray into Dungeons and/or Dragons, Ryan’s recent play of Above and Below, and Chad’s canoe trip in Lewis & Clark.

Finally, we say our farewell to our gracious host and local community radio station, CJTR. We’ll be continuing our show via the magic of the internet, but no longer will we be broadcasting with the station. We are eternally grateful for the support and start that CJTR has given us and hope you’ll continue to enjoy their programming and ours in the future.

Image credit: Eric from What’s Eric Playing!