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Today we’ll be talking about a problem near and dear to all of our hearts - shelf toads. The games that do little more than collect dust on your shelves, but you can’t bear to part with. What games are more prone to the “shelf toad” status? How can we get them back to the table? We discuss this and more in our mid-July episode.

We take a break to announce our newest sponsorship partnership with Mr. Dice Guy, a local Canadian online game store. Check them out at, and listen for details on how to win a copy of Azul in our twitter giveaway!

Our feature game of the episode is Through the Ages, where we talk about both the first and second editions, why this is a shelf toad in Chad’s collection, and what you can do to get a chance to play this great civilization-building game.

Finally we wrap up with some recent plays, including The Big Book of Madness, Twilight Struggle, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and the latest Terraforming Mars expansions.