Ryan and Chad do their best to justify their purchase history as we talk about curating the perfect board game collection. Is it okay to own more than you can play? How much research goes into your purchasing decisions? When do you trade or sell your games? All this and more in our first episode of our new season.

After we’re finished feeling better about ourselves, we discuss the 2011 release Dungeon Petz by Vlaada Chvátil (or at least a member of the conspiracy). Listen how using imps as workers fundamentally changes the worker placement game, and learn the best way to ensure your pet doesn’t grow too large, get aggressive, and injure your stable workers in an attempt to escape its cage and mutate out of existence. Yup, that all happens in this game.

Chad finishes the episode off talking about Assault on Doomrock, Fog of Love, Terraforming Mars, and Ryan reflects on a recent play of Modern Art.

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