Chad, Adam and Ryan discuss exactly where expansions fit into the board game ecosystem. Are they honest attempts by the designer to extend the longevity of their creations? Or evil corporate plans to milk the last nickels from your wallets? Why not both? :) We discuss why you as a gamer might be interested in an expansion, and examples of the best and worst kind of board game expansions.

In the second half, we finally have a serious talk about Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition, two of the three hosts’ favourite game. Chad gives an “after the first game” perspective while Adam and Ryan plead their case, after which we hold a quick burial for the game, never to speak of it again. Or at least the 3rd edition. We finish the episode off talking about CO2 (currently on Kickstarter), Gloomhaven’s helper apps, Keyflower, Azul, and oddly enough, Cribbage.

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