Ryan and Chad take on the definitive topic of Dudes on a Map in this episode. Not quite a mechanic, and certainly not a theme, how does this description so clearly classify a category of board game? We discuss the ‘requirements’ of such a genre, and discuss the several archetypes evolved within.

Staying on point, Chad and Ryan feature Rising Sun, the most recent ‘dudes on a map’ game released by CMON and Eric Lang. Where do we think it fits in the Eric Lang Dudes Trilogy? Listen to find out! Afterwards Ryan agrees with Chad on Decrypto, swarms some Protoss in Starcraft The Board Game, and blows up some post-apocalyptic wrecks in Gaslands. Chad defends a mediocre earth in Level 7: Invasion and robs a small bank with the help of his friends in Burgle Bros.

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