Chad and Adam are your hosts this week talking about how co-operative board games take on the “quarterbacking” or “alpha gamer” problem head on through the use of clever mechanics. It’s hard(er) to tell someone what to do when there’s a timer about to go off or they might be the traitor! We’ll list several different mechanics and the games that use them to ensure everyone at the table has a fair shake.

After the break we feature Space Alert, another game part of the Vlaada Conspiracy. This real-time co-operative board game has players in the role of space cadets, tasked with keeping their ship in one piece as they get warped to random galaxies in the name of science! A colorful game that takes 15 minutes to play and has a lot of replayability in the base box, only to be extended by the expansion’s campaign content.

Finally we discuss some games we’ve been playing lately, including Four Against Darkness, Gloomhaven, Clank! In! Space! and the classic Connect 4!