End of the World RPG

by Chad, Adam, Ryan
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As recently discussed on our December 17th RPG episode, the three hosts of Of Dice and Men as well as Roxanne (previous guest, Gaming Groups), Blake, and Chad B as the Game Master got together to see how well they’d each fair in the zombie apocalypse. Below are a few bite-sized segments of the entire 4+ hour experience - tune in to see how a game of End of the World RPG is run, and to see which of the three hosts survive!

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Hey there! Hopefully you found this page after playing a session of Unlock from one of the copies we shipped out! We’d love to hear how the game went for you, what your final times & ratings were, and if you’re able to share any pictures of your game group enjoying the game that’d be great! You can dump some of that info below in the comment section, or share it with us on twitter.

Above all else, once you’re done with the game please pass it on to another group who you think would enjoy playing - we want to share the experience with as many others as possible!

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In any other circumstance, I would’ve never believed the letter I got from Gloria. “The dreams”, she said in her correspondence, “they speak of unknowable evil and have an undeniable vividness to them. I implore you to help.” Gloria was a writer, and in her work she often wrote of strange and off-putting things. We had shared a few experiences together in our fractured past and I rarely gave her ramblings more than a cursory glance, writing them off as fiction from a lonely soul.

I would’ve never believed her… had I not had the dreams myself.

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I recently moved to a new city for a job. I’m in the middle of a four-day weekend. I’d been wearing my housecoat all day and had just eaten a dozen chocolate-chip cookies for supper while watching re-runs of Tenacious D on HBO on Demand. Good god, I’m bored.

Wait, I know! It’s been two months since I cracked open a board game… I should solo a game of Arkham Horror! And, great idea upon great idea, I should take notes and write up my first deliciously witty session report! (Never mind the fact that I can’t tell a story to save my life.)

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