Ryan and Chad bring you this episode’s topic, Deceptive Cuteness. Starting with a few examples from outside the board game sphere, we demonstrate how games can catch you off guard with their cute themes and/or artwork and follow up with an uppercut of complexity, feelings, or straight up meanness when you least expect it.

Our feature game for the episode is Gloomhaven, a game that Ryan’s recently started and Chad has been solo’ing for awhile now. This massive release from two years ago is still wowing dungeon crawlers with its massive tomb of quests. Find out what works and doesn’t as your two hosts reflect on their recent plays.

We wrap up with some games we’ve been playing lately, including Seal Team Flix, Pax Porfiriana, and Detective: A Modern Crime Story. Speaking of Detective, see if you can find the discount code for Mr. Dice Guy hidden in the show!