Ryan, Adam and Chad argue for 30 minutes about the meaning of a big word. Really.

We take on the topic of “variable player powers” and how that broad categorization applies to games from Cosmic Encounter to Vast: The Crystal Caverns, and everything in-between. Is there a hard line between variable player powers and asymmetric games? We certainly don’t have the answer.

As you may have guessed, our feature game is also asymmetric - Root. This recent hit has been the talk of the town, and your three hosts had a chance to play it together. Hear about that game (and Chad’s subsequent games since) went, our views on asymmetric games, and what our opinions are on this cutesy woodland creature wargame.

We close the show with some games we’ve been playing recently, including Detective: A Modern Crime Story, Gloomhaven, and Chad’s 5 hour Through the Ages match.

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