Chad, Adam and Ryan discuss “big games in small boxes” - those games that surprise you with their strategic complexity relative to the smaller-than-normal packaging. Is it possible to get the same level of satisfaction from a card game as a plastic-filled behemoth? Is replayability proportional to the number of components? Does size really matter? We discuss these topics and more!

The second half features A Fake Artist Goes to New York, a big social deduction game in a box the size of your hand. This drawing game gets everyone involved with its approachable theme and ease of play, and doesn’t require any artistic skills short of drawing a line for players to contribute. Find out what we think!

Finally we wrap up with some games we’ve played and want to play, including Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Neanderthal, Discover: Lands Unknown, and more!

Don’t forget to get your entries in for our Brass: Birmingham giveaway! Details buried in the episode somewhere.