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Just in time for Halloween, Adam, Ryan and Chad discuss board games where players take on the role of villains, whether required by the game’s theme or mechanics, or where players are just encouraged to become evil masterminds in their own right. We start with the more obvious hidden traitor and one-versus-many board games, and move on to the more obscure as we try to identify which genres are more prone to bring out the evil in their players.

Starting the second half of the show we feature Werewolf, a hidden role game where hapless villagers attempt to rid themselves of a hidden population of werewolves embedded within their village’s population. Find out why this psychology experiment from the ‘80s is still one of the most popular party games around, and how Chad hosts his online variant (which Adam and Ryan may prefer to the in-person version?)

Finally we wrap up with some games we’ve played at a local 24-hour convention and a few games we’re looking forward to, including Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, Stockpile, Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Tiny Epic Quest, Hunt for the Ring, The Mind, Concept for Kids, and more!